The Basque Region @ Home

The Basque Region @ Home

4 courses of the finest food which The Basque Region offers. 

Collections and deliveries available Friday, Saturday and Sundays

With regards to food, the Basque Country is probably the most important tourist destination in Spain. A coastal and border region, whose very varied culinary delights are due to the mixture of sea and mountain cultures with modern top-quality cooking. This trend emerged over the last decades with the appearance of the so-called Basque Nouvelle Cuisine. Most importantly, the good food is a reflection of the character of the Basque people, a people devoted to tradition and good food, the centre of any social occasion. The Basque Country, a culinary paradise.

In our Basque Region @ Home box, you will receive all the lovingly prepared food, along with simple step by step instructions, for finishing, plating and enjoying your evening. 

We have a choice of our meat menu, and our vegetarian menu. Both £50 per couple.

Menu available via the website main page.