Italian Islands @Home

Italian Islands @Home

4 courses of the finest food which The Basque Region offers. 

4 Courses of the finest Italian island's food, on offer.


Italy's complex history left its mark in the island's architecture, its culture and its customs, but nowhere is it more evident than in its cuisine.


The Greeks brought grapes and olives and introduced the resident population to winemaking. The Romans then brought fava beans, chickpeas, lentils and varieties of pasta. They deforested vast swathes of the hinterland, planted wheat in the fertile soils and and transformed the islands into the "Rome's bread basket".

Arabs brought almonds, aniseed, apricots, artichokes, cinnamon, oranges, pistachio, pomegranates, saffron, sesame, spinach, sugarcane, watermelon and rice. They expanded the island's palette with flavour combinations that are now considered typically Sicilian and other islands, such as the sweet and sour mix of raisins and pine-nuts that can be found in many favourite Italian island's dishes.

In our Italian Islands @ Home box, you will receive all the lovingly prepared food, along with simple step by step instructions for finishing, plating and enjoying your evening.

We have a choice of our meat menu, and a vegetarian option available. Both £50 per couple.