Deluxe grazing box

Deluxe grazing box

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Our deluxe grazing boxes include a range of the following items, which are chosen daily by the chefs. This means no two times you order, should you receive the same box, and each time you get to experience new produce.

A selection of artisanal cheeses from Great Britain, Italy, France and Spain.

Charcuterie meats (unless requested to remove).

Freshly baked breads

A selection of bespoke crackers

Seasonal fruits, inclusive of grapes, other fresh fruits, and occasionally dried fruits.

Chef’s daily choice of homemade dips. Recent choices have been beetroot hummus, homemade chipotle jam, cucumber & mint yoghurt and basil pesto.

A selection of anti pasti, such as sun dried tomatoes, olives, carprese. 

Our delivery days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.



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