Lockdown 3.0

Since the option of inviting you through our doors to wine and dine with us has now been taken away from us, we will now be offering a dine @ home service, each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Menus will change fortnightly, with the following being our first 3:

19th - 28th February

// The Basque Region //

5th - 14th March

// Italian Islands //

19th - 28th March

// Route Nationale 7 //

To preorder, you can email info@oliveandgrape.co.uk or call 0151 7246520.

The Basque Region @ Home
19th - 28th February

4 courses of the finest food which The Basque Region offers. 

Collections and deliveries available Friday, Saturday and Sundays

With regards to food, the Basque Country is probably the most important tourist destination in Spain. A coastal and border region, whose very varied culinary delights are due to the mixture of sea and mountain cultures with modern top-quality cooking. This trend emerged over the last decades with the appearance of the so-called Basque Nouvelle Cuisine. Most importantly, the good food is a reflection of the character of the Basque people, a people devoted to tradition and good food, the centre of any social occasion. The Basque Country, a culinary paradise.

In our Basque Region @ Home box, you will receive all the lovingly prepared food, along with simple step by step instructions, for finishing, plating and enjoying your evening. 

We have a choice of our meat menu, and our vegetarian menu. Both £50 per couple.

Italian Islands @ Home

5th - 14th March

4 Courses of the finest Italian island's food, on offer.

Italy's complex history left its mark in the island's architecture, its culture and its customs, but nowhere is it more evident than in its cuisine.

The Greeks brought grapes and olives and introduced the resident population to winemaking. The Romans then brought fava beans, chickpeas, lentils and varieties of pasta. They deforested vast swathes of the hinterland, planted wheat in the fertile soils and and transformed the islands into the "Rome's bread basket".

Arabs brought almonds, aniseed, apricots, artichokes, cinnamon, oranges, pistachio, pomegranates, saffron, sesame, spinach, sugarcane, watermelon and rice. They expanded the island's palette with flavour combinations that are now considered typically Sicilian and other islands, such as the sweet and sour mix of raisins and pine-nuts that can be found in many favourite Italian island's dishes.

In our Italian Islands @ Home box, you will receive all the lovingly prepared food, along with simple step by step instructions for finishing, plating and enjoying your evening.

We have a choice of our meat menu, and a vegetarian option available. Both £50 per couple.

Route Nationale 7 @ Home

05th March - 18th March



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Olive and Grape brings refined global cuisine and exemplary service to the finest area homes and venues. We create delicious and inspired dishes using only the freshest ingredients, emphasising taste and exemplary style. Talk to us about your next event. We are here to cater to your every need, making your life easier and more delicious all at once.

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